Harlan Renken Kempson

Born and raised in Charleston, S.C., Harlan graduated from the College of Charleston in 2014. Prior to Sea Fox, Harlan was an educator for the Charleston County School District in Alternative Programs from 2014-2017. She also worked at MUSC helping with their Youth Programs from 2012-2019. Harlan joined Sea Fox in 2020 in the sales and marketing departments as Sales Coordinator and moved into production and operations later that year.

The skill set she acquired in the classroom brought a fresh perspective to a production environment. This allowed her to make positive changes to production flow and empower the employees to build a more elevated product. Sea Fox has ignited a passion in her that she did not know was there. She is humbled and proud to be a fourth-generation boat builder, to work in a place where employees have become family, and to create a product that brings families together on the water is an unmatched opportunity.